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Prof. S. R. Purohit
Head of the Department

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering was established in the year 1983. It offers a B.E programme in E&C and one M.Tech program in DCN. It has dedicated  faculty who interact closely  with alumni in academia and industry to meet the aspirations of different stake holders. A number of joint publication of papers have resulted out of these interactions.

ECE department is equipped with state of the CAD tools and equipments. ECE department has a good placement record. Alumni of ECE occupy key positions in industry and are successful as entrepreneurs. It offers innovative approaches for teaching-learning and encourages virtual learning in order to tap the potential of its highly successful alumni  spread all over the globe.


To be a centre for excellence in technical education and research in the field of electronics and communication to meet ever-changing needs of the society.


To enhance and promote the potential of a student by providing technical education, training and professional ethics in tune with their Professional success, leading to innovation and entrepreneurship.


Sl. No. Name of Staff Designation Qualification Profile
Mr. S.R. Purohit Associate Prof & HoD
Mrs. M.M. Bannur Associate Prof.
Dr.(Mrs). J.S. Gonal Associate Prof.
Mr. M.N. Patil Assistant Prof.
Mrs. M.S. Kanamadi Assistant Prof.
Mrs. R.S. Patil Assistant Prof.
Mr. R.M. Math Assistant Prof.
Mr. P. S. Patil Assistant Prof.
Mr. T. Y. Melligeri Assistant Prof.
Mr. U.D. Dixit Assistant Prof.
Mr. G.B. Gour Assistant Prof.
Mr. B.P. Savukar Assistant Prof.
Mr. S.K. Padaganur Assistant Prof.
Mr. A.H. Sayed Assistant Prof.
Mr. A.H. Jamadar Assistant Prof.
Mr. B.K. Gudur Assistant Prof.
Mr. R.M. Hatti Assistant Prof.
Mrs. M.S. Jolad Assistant Prof.
Mr. S.M. Hattaraki Assistant Prof.
Mr. V.C. Sajjanar Assistant Prof.
Mr. V.R. Malipatil Assistant Prof.
Mr. P.S. Havalagi Assistant Prof.
Mr. M.N. Deshmukh Assistant Prof.
Mrs. D.I. Hatti Assistant Prof.
Mr. A.S. Yaragal Assistant Prof.
Mrs. Jayashree N.C. Assistant Prof.

Programme Outcomes (POs)

  1. An ability to design and conduct experiments as well as to analyze and interpret data.
  2. An ability to design a system, component or process to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, ethical, manufacturability and sustainability.
  3. An ability to function on multi-disciplinary teams.
  4. An ability to identify, formulate and solve electronics and communication engineering related problems.
  5. An understanding of professional and ethical responsibility.
  6. An ability to communicate effectively.
  7. An ability to understand the impact of electronics and communication engineering solution in economic, environmental and societal context.
  8. An ability to engage in lifelong learning.
  9. A knowledge of the contemporary issues in electronics and communication engineering.
  10. An ability to use the techniques, skills and modern engineering tools necessary for Electronics & Communication engineering practices.
  11. An ability to understand project management and finance.

Programme Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

ECE graduates will be able to:

  1. Analyse and design analog and digital circuits or systems for a given specification and function.
  2. Implement functional blocks of hardware- software code designs for signal processing, communication, VLSI and embedded systems applications.

Research Publications of E&C Department

1 Grading of Brain Tumors by Mining MRS Spectrums Using LabVIEW. Gonal, J.S. and Kohir, V.V. E & C Open Journal of Medical Imaging 2017
2 Morphological Segmentation of the Brain Tumors using LabVIEW Jayalaxmi S. Gonal, Vinayadatt V. Kohir E & C CiiT International Journal of Digital Signal Processing, Vol 7, No 5, May 2015. 2015
3 Automatic Detection And Segmentation Of Brain Tumors And Necrosis Using Binary Morphological Level Sets Integrated With Bounding Box J. S. Gonal And V. V. Kohir E & C  International Journal of Computer Engineering and Applications, Volume IX, Issue VII,  2015 2015
4 Automatic Detection and Segmentation of Brain Tumors using Binary Morphological Level Sets with Bounding Box Jayalaxmi S. Gonal, Vinayadatt V. Kohir E & C Academic Journal, International Proceedings of Chemical, Biological Environmenta; Vol. 56, p37, ACCESSION #97510257 2013
5 Signature Based Document Image Retrieval System Umesh D. Dixit and M. S. Shirdhonkar E & C IJIGSP 2017 2074-9082
6 Linear Transmit Receive Strategies for multiuser MIMO wireless Communication T.Y.Melligeri E & C IRJET 2017 2395-0072
7 Hybrid Approach tosolve the problem of papr in ofdm signal T.Y.Melligeri E & C IRJET 2016 2319-1163
8 Energy efficient  and throughput enhancement using network coding in MANET : asurvey Mr.Abid H.Sayed E & C IJEECS  Abid h syed 2017
9 Reconfigurable Patch Antenna for Software Defined Radio Application S N Patil,           Prof.  P.V.Hungund,    Prof. R.M.Vani,   Ravi M. Hatti E & C International Journal of Electronics  Engineering Research                           © Research India Publications Volume 9, Number 4 (2017) ,     pp-517-525 0975-6450
10 Implementation of novel hybrid solar and sound energy system Reena Garasangi, Rashmi Pawar, Vijaykumar Sajjanar E & C INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF LATEST TRENDS IN ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY 2016 2319-3778
11 Analysis of clustering algorithms for data mangement in sensor cloud D.I.Hatti E & C IRJET 2015 2395-0056
12 Smart Home System using Internet of Things over WiFi Shilpa Patil E & C IJLTEMAS 2017 2278-2540
13 An Event based Target Localization System for WSN’s Shilpa Patil E & C IJIRST 2016 2349-6010

Analog & Electronics Lab


  • Available Floor Area        :  100 Sq. mts.
  • Equipment’s in the lab    :  CRO, ASG, DC Power Supply,L,C&R  Meters, Decade(R,L&C) Boxes,Digital Multi meters,Portable Meters.
  • Approx. Cost                      :  8.5 Lakhs
  • Labs Conducted                :  III Sem.
  • Staff In charge                   :  Mrs. M. M. Bannur.
  • Lab In-charge                    :  Mr. T. Pullaiah.

Communication Lab


  • Available Floor Area        :  100 Sq. mts.
  • Equipment’s in the lab    :  Digital Storage CRO, ASG, Optical Fiber Kits, Microwave & Micro Strip Equipment, DC Power Supply,DIB & DCB.
  • Approx. Cost                      :  25 Lakhs
  • Labs Conducted                :  V/VI Sem.
  • Staff In charge                   :  Prof. T. Y. Melligeri
  • Lab In-charge                    :  Mr. Manojkumar S. D.

Power Electronics Lab


  • Available Floor Area        :  100 Sq. mts.
  • Equipment’s in the lab    :  CRO’s, Universal Motor, DC Motor, Stepper Motor,Power electronic kits, Auto Transformer,Rheostats
  • Approx. Cost                      :  3 Lakhs
  • Labs Conducted                :  VII Sem.
  • Staff In charge                   :  Mr. P. S. Patil
  • Lab In-charge                    :  Ms. Bhagyashree Patil.

Logic Design/HDL Lab


  • Available Floor Area        :  100 Sq. mts.
  • Equipment’s in the lab    :  CRO, Power Supply,Digital Trainer Kits, ASG, A/D Converter kits,Decade Boxes, IC Testers, Digital Multimeters.
  • Approx. Cost                      :  6 Lakhs
  • Labs Conducted                :  III Sem.
  • Staff In charge                   :  Mr. B. P. Savakar
  • Lab In-charge                    :  Mr. S. N. Koganur.

Micro controller/DSP Lab


  • Available Floor Area        :  100 Sq. mts.
  • Equipment’s in the lab    :  Circuit Maker, Micro tutor,Computer Printer Scanner, Projectors.
  • Approx. Cost                      :  11 Lakhs
  • Labs Conducted                :  V/IVSem.
  • Staff In charge                   :  Mr. J. S. Gonal
  • Lab In-charge                    :  Mrs. Deepti. B. Patil.

Micro Processor/Micro Controller Lab


  • Available Floor Area        :  100 Sq. mts.
  • Equipment’s in the lab    :  Computer CRO’s, Microprocessor Kits,Microcontroller Kits, Power supply,DSP Kits, Interfacing Cards
  • Approx. Cost                      :  15 Lakhs
  • Labs Conducted                :  IV/VI Sem.
  • Staff In charge                   :  Mr. U. D. Dixit.
  • Lab In-charge                    :  Mrs. S. C. Awati.



  • Available Floor Area        :  100 Sq. mts.
  • Equipment’s in the lab    :  Computer Trainer Kits, RHEL  with 64 bits arch.Cadence, Xilinx, ModelSim
  • Approx. Cost                      :  23 Lakhs
  • Labs Conducted                :  IV/VII Sem.
  • Staff In charge                   :  Mr. A. H. Jamadar.
  • Lab In-charge                    :  Mrs. Deepti. P. Patil.

Name Qualification
Mrs. S. C. Awati Diploma
Mr. S. N. Kugnoor  B.Sc, M.B.A
Mrs. D. B. Patil Diploma
Mr. M. S. Doddamani  Diploma
Mrs. B. R. Patil Diploma