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  • The Department of civil engineering has been in existence since the inception of BLDEA’s College of Engineering & Technology in 1980 with

    Prof.(Mrs.) Shridevi. S. Angadi
    Professor & HOD
    Department of Civil Engineering,

    intake strength of 40 and has grown to a full fledged department and recognized as the major engineering department of the institute with present intake strength of 60 in the regular course and 60 in the shift course,Post graduate programme i.e. M.Tech in Structural Engineering in 1989 with intake of 10 and the present intake is 18.

  • The Department has well experienced & highly qualified technical and non technical teaching staff members for the smooth conduct of courses,The department has two faculty members with Ph.D and ten of our faculty members are persuing Ph.D.
  • The Department has been recognized as a research centre by Visvesvaraya Technological University in the year 2007 to offer Ph.D. & M.Sc.Engg.(by Research) Programmes and recieves research grant of 13.37 Lakhs.The Department also receives grants from AICTE under MODROBS for Structural Engineering Laboratory of Rs.14.48 Lakhs & also recieves funds from KSCST for the projects  undertaken at UG level.
  • The Department undertakes various consultancy projects from Govt.,Semi-Govt.,Private sectors,the consultancy work done by the department is highly remunerative,generating good revenue to the college every year and the same is utilized for the development of the department.
  • The Department has Library with sufficient number of reference books and text books.The Department library has recieved grants of Rs.1 Lakh under National Programme on Earthquake Engineering Education (NPEEE) in October 2004.
  • The Department has been Accredited by NBA for Engineering & Technology,New Delhi for a period of three years from 10th August 2005.
  • The Department is engaged in regular conduct of seminars,Short term Courses,National level Tech Fest & FDP programmes.
  • All the staff members of our department are active members of Anti Ragging committee- Flying Squad.
  • The students of our department are well placed in the reputed & emerging industries and some are showing their excellence by continuing their career skills in higher studies & Research activities.
  • Students are motivated to excel in their studies through regular counselling process.
  • Every year guest lectures and Industrial visits are organized for students to build their capabilities and to cater the needs of industries.
  • The students of our department are active members of Civil Engineering Association and bring out a news letter ‘Srusti” and Technical magazine “C-Tech” Every year covering all the activities of the department.
  • The students of our department are the members of Indian Society for Technical Education.
  • The Department has internet facility for the students which is beneficial for them to browse paid journals for literatures.
  • The students of our department are actively involved in the sports at Zonal Level and have represented as University Blues.
  • The Aluminis of the department are well placed in different fields of Civil Engineering in INDIA and abroad who regularly interact with students by sharing their views and experience in the Alumini meet.
  • The Department has well equipped laboratory facilities.Concrete and Highway Materials Lab has been recognized and approved by South Western Railway for testing track ballast in the year 2000 and Environmental Engineering Laboratory  is also recognized as water quality analysis Lab by Karnataka water supply and sanitary agency,Govt.of Karnataka in the year 2002.


To emerge as the premier department in Technical education and Research, to meet the infrastructural needs and challenges of the Society.


  1. To impart technical education to students by adopting innovative teaching/learning processes and fostering soft skills for leading successful career.
  2. To develop students tendency for innovation, leadership and aptitude to solve social concerns ethically through curriculum, reinforced with co and extra-curricular activities.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  1. Graduates will analyze, design and execute civil engineering projects by applying principles of science and engineering.
  2. Graduates will be actively engaged in higher studies and research work.
  3. Graduates will be leaders in their chosen profession and personal endeavors.
  4. Graduates will be able to solve the engineering problems that account for economical, environmental, ethical and societal considerations by engaging in lifelong learning.

Programme Outcomes (POs)

Engineering Graduates will be able to:

  1. Engineering knowledge: Apply the knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals, and an engineering specialization to the solution of complex engineering problems.
  2. Problem analysis: Identify, formulate, review research literature, and analyze complex engineering problems reaching substantiated conclusions using first principles of mathematics, natural sciences, and engineering sciences.
  3. Design/development of solutions: Design solutions for complex engineering problems and design system components or processes that meet the specified needs with appropriate consideration for the public health and safety, and the cultural, societal, and environmental considerations.
  4. Conduct investigations of complex problems: Use research-based knowledge and research methods including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data, and synthesis of the information to provide valid conclusions.
  5. Modern tool usage: Create, select, and apply appropriate techniques, resources, and modern engineering and IT tools including prediction and modeling to complex engineering activities with an understanding of the limitations.
  6. The engineer and society: Apply reasoning informed by the contextual knowledge to assess societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to the professional engineering practice.
  7. Environment and sustainability: Understand the impact of the professional engineering solutions in societal and environmental contexts, and demonstrate the knowledge of, and need for sustainable development.
  8. Ethics: Apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities and norms of the engineering practice.
  9. Individual and team work: Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse teams, and in multidisciplinary settings.
  10. Communication: Communicate effectively on complex engineering activities with the engineering community and with society at large, such as, being able to comprehend and write effective reports and design documentation, make effective presentations, and give and receive clear instructions.
  11. Project management and finance: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the engineering and management principles and apply these to one’s own work, as a member and leader in a team, to manage projects and in multidisciplinary environments.
  12. Life-long learning: Recognize the need for, and have the preparation and ability to engage in independent and life-long learning in the broadest context of technological change.

Programme Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

By the time of graduation, Civil Engineering students can

  1. Apply knowledge of mathematics, science and basics of engineering science in professional career.
  2. Practice in the core areas of civil engineering and conduct laboratory and field tests.
  3. Analyze and Design a component, system or establish process in civil engineering.
  4. Build the managerial and professional skills in executing the engineering projects addressing the social concerns.



Sl. No. Name of Staff Designation Qualification Profile
Mrs. S.S. Angadi Associate Prof. & HoD B.E. M.E.(PSC)
Dr. V.P. Huggi (PG) Professor & Principal
Mr. S. J. Nagathan Associate Prof.
Mrs. A.S. Arwikar Associate Prof.
Mr. R.G. Talasadar Associate Prof.
Mr. G. M. Duddagi Associate Prof.
Mr. U. N. Karadi (PG) Associate Prof.
Mr. S.G. Patil Assistant Prof.
Mr. A.B. Patil Assistant Prof.
Mr. P.M. Biradar Assistant Prof.
Mr. N.N. Desai Assistant Prof.
Mr. R.B. Lokhande Assistant Prof.
Mr. S.A. Warad Assistant Prof.
Mrs. A.S. Tanksali Assistant Prof.
Mr. P.M. Topalakatti Assistant Prof.
Mr. A.A. Momin Assistant Prof.
Mr. A.J. Zende (PG) Assistant Prof.
Mr. A.S. Bagi Assistant Prof.
Mr. M.Q. Patel Assistant Prof.
Mr. N.S. Inamdar Assistant Prof.
Mr. M.B. Ishwaragol Assistant Prof.
Mr. S.P. Wathar Assistant Prof.
Mr. B.S. Hotti Assistant Prof.
Mr. P.M. Kinagi Assistant Prof. B.E. M.Tech(Strs.)
  Mr. Sanganagouda Patil Assistant Prof. B.E. M.Tech(Strs.)
26 Mr. S.B. Talawar Assistant Prof. B.E. M.Tech(Strs.)
27 Mr. C.S. Malewadi Assistant Prof.

The department is constantly modernizing the infrastructure and laboratory facilities. The department is equipped with three Class Rooms, Nine laboratories, Two Staff Rooms, Two Drawing hall, one Seminar Hall,one Departmental library and one store room etc. Total carpet area of the department is about 2102.25 Sq. mtrs. The department is also equipped with modern teaching aids like LCD’s, OHP etc.

Basic Material Testing Laboratory


  • Staff Incharge             : Prof.Sharanabasappa A.Warad
  • Foreman                      : Shri.V.T.Patil
  • Instructor                    : Shri.Ram S.Pole
  • Carpet Area of Lab    : 105
  • Major equipments     : 3000 kN Compression Testing Machine, Universal Testing machine (1000 kN capacity)(200 kN capacity), Torsion testing Machine,Vickers Hardness Testing Machine, etc.
  • Total cost of the Laboratory:Rs. 22,22,811=00

Surveying Laboratory


  • Staff Incharge                             : Prof. Prashant M.Topalakatti
  • Instructor                                    : (1) Shri.Ram S.Pole (2) Jatteppa Y.Gulappar
  • Carpet Area of Lab                    : 111
  • Major equipments                     : Pentax total station model PCS 515 with all standard accessories, Electronic Theodolite, Automatic Dumpy Level.
  • Total cost of the Laboratory    :Rs. 31,07,166=00

Applied Engineering Geology Laboratory


  • Staff Incharge                                       : Dr. A. C. Modi
  • Foreman                                                : Shri. B B. Patil
  • Carpet Area of Lab                              : 83.75
  • Major equipments                               : Fault & Fold, Tunnel & Dam Models , Rock Samples (polished), Digital Curvimeter,  Mineral’s & Rocks Samples, Clinometer’s compass etc.
  • Total cost of the Laboratory              :Rs. 1,16,242=00

Fluid Mechanics Laboratory


  • Staff Incharge                                 : Prof.Raju B.Lokkande
  • Instructor                                        : Shri.M.K.Gonnagar
  • Carpet Area of Lab                        : 200
  • Major equipments                         : Centrifugal pump, Reynold’s Apparatus, Turbulent flow Apparatus and Experimental set on Ogee weir and Broad Crested weir etc.
  • Total cost of the Laboratory         :Rs. 22,05,724=00

Computer Aided Design Laboratory


  • Staff Incharge                            : Prof.Praveen M.Biradar
  • Foreman                                     : Shri.Raju M.Lakkangavi
  • Carpet Area of Lab                   : 111
  • Major Softwares                       : CADS, NISA,STAAD PRO-2004, AUTO CAD 3D CIVIL etc.
  • Total cost of the Laboratory   :Rs. 18,12,952=00

Geotech Engineering Laboratory


  • Staff Incharge                             : Smt. Prof. Shanta G.Domanal
  • Foreman                                      : Shri. V. T. Patil
  • Instructor                                    : Shri. Praveen S. Jeevargi
  • Carpet Area of Lab                    : 125
  • Major equipments                     : Unconfined compression testing apparatus, Triaxial Testing Machine, Laboratory C.B.R. Apparatus, Direct Shear Apparatus (Motorized) etc.
  • Total cost of the Laboratory    :Rs. 15,72,488=00
  • Department of Civil Engineering is the major architect in planning, design and estimation of filling minor irrigation tanks of Bijapur and Bagalkot District by lifting water from Alamatti, Narayanapur Reservoirs and Bhima River Flood water. Tanks Situated at different location are filled with new approach by Integrating lift and flow concept. This is unique approach and appreciated at national level.

  • About 42 per cent of the 3,457 minor irrigation tanks in Karnataka are dry after one month of monsoon rains and 49 per cent of the tanks have storage capacity between 30 and 50 per cent of their respective capacity. It is only in 9 per cent of the tanks that the water storage is more than 50 per cent. The project is divided into eight sub-schemes, and all of them have separate water lifting points. Once commissioned fully, the ambitious project will fill 117 minor irrigation (MI) tanks by lifting water from the Alamatti, Narayanpur reservoirs and Bhima flood water. It is expected to solve the drinking water problem of about 150 drought-prone villages besides providing sustained water to over 50,000 acres of barren land.
  • Currently we have undertaken Multi village water supply scheme for Tikota and other 24 Villages of Bijapur District. In the past we have involved in major consultancy service such as Rajiv Gandhi Water Mission and III-Party inspection to Flood damage works of Sindagi and Indi Taluks of Bijapur District during 2009-10. The testing of materials such as Soil, Cement, Aggregate, Concrete, Steel, Surveying and Water quality analysis are part of department activity.
  • Distinguished Recognition to Department- Concrete & Highway Materials Testing Laboratory is approved by Southern Western Railway for testing of Track Ballast.No. W.470/I/Vol. IV dated 22/11/2000
  • Environmental Engineering Laboratory has been identified as “Water Quality Analysis Laboratory” by Karnataka Rural Water Supply & Sanitation Agency” Govt.of Karnataka, Bangalore. No. KRWSSA / WQ /95 /2002 Dated 16/11/2002

  • “Radiation Exposure to Public from NPP is negligible” A guest lecture by Dr.K.R.Mohan Ram,Scientific Officer (G),NPCIL,Kaiga, was held on 24th April 2015.
  • “De-Silting of Reservoirs and Foundation Treatment of Hipparagi Barrage” A Guest lecture by Retd. Chief Engineer UKP.,Mr.V.B.Bellad was held on 18th April 2015
  • “Inter-linking of Rivers” A lecture by Prof. Gangadhar. V. Kurli was held on 28th February 2015.
  • “Recent Advances in Geotechnical Engineering” A lecture by Dr. V. H. Joshi was held on 28th February 2015.
  • A One day workshop on”Water Supply system of Vijayapur- Past & Present” was organised on 21st February 2015.Dr. Krishna Kolhar Kulkarni, Researcher & Historian, Shri. Peter Alexander,  Social Activist, & Dr. A. C Modi, Professor BLDEA’s CET, Vijaypur were the resource Persons. Students of 6th & 7th Semester & staff of Civil Engg Dept participated in the workshop.
  • Visit to Constructional sites at Bangalore Metro as a Industrial Tour for the students of 4th semester BE CIVIL was held on 14th to 17th Feb 2015.
  • On the occasion of National Organ Donors Day, Civil Engineering department in association with Lions Club, Bijapur organised a National Organ Doners Day & Blood donation Camp” on 14th Feb 2015. Dr. Anand Ambali, Geriatric Specialist was the guest Speaker.
  • Department of civil engineering has conducted Sports like Carrom, Chess, Shuttle and Volley ball from 12 Feb. to 15 Feb. 2014 and prizes were distributed for winners and runner up.
  • A two day training program “Design & Analysis of Building Frames using E-Tabs-2013” was organised on 6th & 7th Feb 2015 for M.Tech Students. Prof. P.M. Biradar was the coordinator. Forty Students from our department & other colleges in Karnataka participated in the program.
  • A 21-day student training program was organised from 2nd Jan to 24th Jan 2015 for preparing the students for GATE-2015. Twenty students participated in the course
  • Parents Meet was organized by the department of civil Engineering on 16th November 2014.
  • Alumni Meet was held during 31st October 2014.About 104 alumni participated in the meet & interacted with the staff.
  •  “Soft Skills & Career Building” a lecture by Mrs. Sharayu. Kalmadi, Director, Inspire Solutions, Chennai was organised on 25thOctober 2014. 
  • Visit to construction sites for 5th semester students was held during 18th October 2014.
  • “Brief Introduction on Auto Desk Software & its applications” A lecture by Shri. Pradeep Kallur, Director, MEDINI who is a certified Professional from Auto Desk for AutoCAD, Revit Architecture was organised for Civil Engineering Staff, 5th & 7th Semester students on 20th Sept 2014
  • Blood Donation Camp was organised jointly by Civil Engg department & YUVA- Youth forum of BLDE association in association with Lions Club, Bijapur on Engineer’s Day, 15th  September 2014 around 173 students donated blood.
  • Workshop on solar architecture was held during 12-13 september 2014
  • “Teacher’s Day” was celebrated by PG & UG students of civil engineering department on 5th Sept 2014. Students & staff members participated in the program & expressed their views about teacher‘s encouragement, motivation and moral support in academics and social life.
  • Organised the training Program for Assistant Agricultural Officers on 21st August 2014
  • Inaugration of Yuva forum held during 12th August 2014
  • Organised the training Program for Assistant Agricultural Officers on 7th August 2014
  • Guest Lecture on topic “Water Resources of India” by speaker Dr.B.Venkatesh, E2 Grade Scientist,NIH Belgaum, was organized by  Civil Engineering Association on 06/05/2014 for Pre-final and Final year students of B.E. (Civil).
  • National level Technical Event Fundamentum 2k14 was organized by Civil Engg dept on 21 & 22nd March, 2014. (Quiz, Survey and Paper presentation and Model making).
  • A Blood Donation Camp was organised jointly by Civil Engg department & Electronics Engg department on 1st March 2014.
  • Guest Lecture on topic “ Sustainable construction” by speaker  Dr.S Raghunath,  Professor BMSEC Bangalore, was organized by Civil Engineering Association on 24/2/2014,for Final year students of B.E. (Civil).
  •  “Entrepreneurship Awareness Program” was organised by ED Cell of BLDEA’s CET on 22nd & 23rd Feb 2014 for BE, MBA & MCA students.
  • Parents Meet- 2013 was organized by civil Department on 28th Dec 2013.
  • Guest Lecture on topic “ Applications of Remote sensing & GIS for runoff estimation” by speaker  Dr.Mahesh Shirahatti, Associate Professor (Soil and Water engineering),AICRP on  Dry land Agriculture, Regional Agricultural Research Station, BIJAPUR, was organized by Civil Engineering Association on 12/10/2013, for Pre-final and Final year students of B.E. (Civil).
  • Engineer’s Day” was organized by our Department on 16th sept2013 Shri A.K.Samanta G.M NTPC  Kudagi  Bijapur was chief guest of  function.
  • Teacher’s Day” was organized by our  final year students on 5th sept2013 . Students & staff members participated in the program .
  • Guest Lecture on topic “Koyna dam spillway strengthening” by speaker Prof .Sharad  Joshi, HoD, civil engg dept KLE CET Hubli  in civil engg department, was organized by Civil Engineering Association on 24/08/2013 for Pre-final and Final year students  of B.E. (Civil).
  • A campaign on Nature, Environment and Disaster management was held in civil engg dept by scientists and Engineers wing of  Brahma kumari Viswavidyalay on 21-03-2013.
  • Students Technical Event Fundamentum 2k13  was organized by Civil dept  on 23-24 Feb 2013. (Quiz, Geotech,  Survey and Paper presentation and Model making)
  • A Lecture by Dr. K.S.Gumaste, , Associate Professor  Walchand college of Engg.,  Sangli on Energy computations in buildings on 22nd September 2012
  • Go Green” program was organized by our college on 15th August 2012. This program was initiated by civil engineering department to create a culture of environmental responsibility amongst the youth.
  • Students were allowed to attend and participate in all the lectures held in One day workshop on Don River –Problems and Remedies on 1st August 2012.
  • The VTU-VGST Sponsored Faculty development Program (FDP) is scheduled from 12th March 2012 to 16th March 2012.
  • Two day National Technical Events such as Seminars, Quiz, Modeling and AutoCAD Competition is scheduled in the third week of April 2012.
  • One week AICTE-ISTE sponsored short term training programme on “Estimation of system parameters by Inverse modeling” organized from 16th to 20th March 2009.
  • Two weeks AICTE-ISTE sponsored short term training programme on “System techniques and applications to civil engineering problems” organized from 28th December 1998 to 9th January 1999.
  • Department encourages Technical staff to attend laboratory related workshops that are required to upgrade their knowledge. Faculty and Technical staff are also encouraged to pursue their higher education with salary and leave benefits.

P. Dr P.G Halakatti College of Engg & Tech Bijapur in association with Lions Club of Bijapur launched a youth forum “YUVA” (Youth United for Visionary Action). Lion Dr Premanand Ambali, PDG and Lion Anuja Talikoti, District Chairperson, Lions Club, Bijapur are associated with the forum, on behalf of Lions Club, Bijapur.

Main aim of the “YUVA” the youth forum is to unite youth for visionary action leading to prosperous overall development of the young generation and the Country. The forum will address the various problems faced by the community at large and youth in particular. It aims at uniting the youth to find solutions for the problems & involve themselves in community services along with academics.

Main aim of the “YUVA” is to Create Young Leaders as Future Citizens of the Nation. Today’s Youth need to know various problems faced by the Community & to find solutions & involve themselves in community services along with academics.

YUVA forum was inaugurated in the college by Dr. B. G. Mulimani, Vice Chancellor of BLDEA’s University who was the Chief Guest. Dr.V.P.Huggi, Principal, V.P.Dr.P.G.Halakatti College of Engg & Tech. presided over the function. Yuva Committee was formed under the guidance of HOD of Civil Engg Dept Prof (Smt).S.S Angadi. The following members were selected as office bearers.

Chairman – Yuva Anuradha Tanksali, Asst Professor, Civil Engg Dept.

  1. Prof Naveen N.Desai Institute ED cell Coordinator is made efforts to sign MOU with Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDI) Ahmedabad.
  2. Prof.Mrs. A. S. Tanksali was awarded Environmentalist of the year 2014 by the Search Committee constituted by Scientific & Environmental Research Institute, Kolkata, Foundation for Science & Enironment, Kolkata & Confederation of Indian Universities, New Delhi at International conference on Ecology & Environment held at Kolkatta on 2nd March 2015.
  3. Prof.Mrs. A. S. Tanksali presented paper on “Plastic Roads” at International conference on Ecology & Environment held at Kolkata on 2nd March 2015.
  4. Dr. A. C. Modi delivered a lecture on “Ground Water Recharge” at ZP Office, Bijapur on 17th Jan 2015.
  5. On the occasion of India Water Week- 13thto 17thJanuary, Dr. A. C. Modi gave a lecture on “Methods of Water Conservation” for practicing engineers at Executive Engineers Office, Bijapur on 15th Jan 2015.
  6. Prof Naveen Desai delivered a lecture on “Quality Assurance for Construction Activities” for M.Tech students at BEC, Bagalkok on 8th Jan 2015.
  7. Prof R. G. Talasdar delivered a lecture on “Foundation on Black Cotton Soils” for local consulting engineers & contractors at Basavan Bagewadi on 26th Nov 2014.
  8. On the occasion of Orientation Program“Shishyopanayaneeyam-2014”,Prof. Mrs. Asha Arwikar delivered lecture on “Environmental Protection” on 14th Oct 2014 at AVS Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya, Bijapur.
  9. On the occasion of Teachers, Engineers & World Ozone Layer Day, a joint function organised by Rotary Club of India- Monumental City Club,Prof. Mrs. A. S. Tanksali & Prof. R. G. Talasdar delivered lectures on “Threats to the Ozone Layer” &“Contributions of Engineers to the Society” respectively on 21st Sept 2014.
  10. On the occasion of Engineers Day Prof. Mrs. S. S. Angadi was invited as chief guest at Chief Engineer’s office, Minor Irrigation department, Bijapur on 15thSept 2014. She delivered a talk on “Introduction to Total Station Instrument”. 15th Sept 2014.

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